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About Us

Thank you for checking out Open Exports LLC! It is my goal to help small to medium size businesses grow by exporting their products overseas.

The dream started when I wanted to do something in which everybody benefitted, and exporting allows us to do just that. By exporting your products overseas you help support the US economy, increase sales in your business, enter new markets, as well as make new friends along the way. Just think what your business could do when the world opens up to you.

Remember open world, open opportunities!

What I do

How it works

Open Exports becomes your Export Agent via a Representative Agreement

Using government and third-party resources Open Exports locates Foreign Buyers and negotiates with them

If an agreement is reached with the Foreign Buyers, Open Exports will then:
a. Verify that the agreement is acceptable and doable with you
b. Check for compliance, controls, and quotas with both US and international laws
c. Coordinate with Freight Forwarders to establish shipping price, requirements, paperwork, and timeframes involved
d. Setup and coordinate payment terms and instructions with both Foreign Buyer and Banks following agreement

Once the Letter of Credit(international order) has been received and verified your business manufactures or supplies the product

Open Exports in conjunction with the Freight Forwarder will have the product queued to ship

Collection of payment received when shipping documents are presented to the Bank

Why i love exporting

Because everybody benefits!
Your business benefits from increased sales and by entering new markets
The Foreign Buyer receives the product they have been searching for
Open Exports makes new business connections and its commission
Shipping companies now have more cargo to increase their businesses
Banks obtain their financial transaction fees for acting as third party custodians
Freight Forwarders also make new business connections and commissions
The US economy is improved as a whole by the transaction

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